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25 June 2021

Koinbazar is India's leading and safest cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy, sell and trade their favorite cryptocurrencies instantly.

We are looking for trusted cryptocurrency and blockchain influencer partners who understand our marketing goals and assist us in spreading knowledge about our cryptocurrency Exchange.

If you are a popular influencer on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, Linked In, Reddit, etc., or have any of your own crypto blogs with high healthy traffic, PR Media, etc...Kindly fill out the below form to become a part of the “Koinbazar Influencer Partner Program”.

To apply for Koinbazar Influencer Partner Program, you must have the following in at least one channel:

-> 5,000+ followers on Twitter

-> 5,000+ followers on LinkedIn

-> 5,000+ followers on Instagram

-> 5,000+ subscribers & 50,000+ views on YouTube

-> 5,000+ members on Telegram group/channel

Are you a crypto and blockchain influencer with a wide reach? Join the Koinbazar Influencer Partnership Program Today!

Fill this form for partnership here!

Your form will be reviewed by our team and, if we feel you're a good fit, we'll be in touch.

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