How to Buy Crypto with INR using Instant INR Deposit on Koinbazar?

21 September 2021

Cryptocurrency is becoming a more widely accepted asset every day. Still, perplexed? Let me explain with the statistics,

According to statistics, the worldwide cryptocurrency market was worth approximately $792.53 million in 2019. By 2026, it is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 30%, reaching $5,190.62 million. As a result, it has been shown that it has grown dramatically.

Want to discover more about cryptocurrency and how to buy it? Then, get into the post right away,

Let's get started with a general overview of cryptocurrency,

Cryptocurrency - An overview:

Cryptocurrency is a term that combines cryptography with currency. It is a type of digital currency that's meant to be used as a means of exchange. It is completely decentralized and only available in digital form and does not exist in physical form.

Individual currency ownership records are kept in a ledger that exists in the form of a digital database, which uses strong encryption to protect transaction records, control the creation of new currencies, and verify ownership transfers is known as cryptocurrency.

What are the different Cryptocurrencies available?

When we think about cryptocurrencies, the most well-known name come to our mind is Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins.

Bitcoins were the first and most popular cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that may be sent directly from one user to another on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network.

It is second to Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization among cryptocurrencies. Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized blockchain that allows users to build smart contracts. The platform's native cryptocurrency is ETH.

How to buy cryptocurrency using INR?

Purchasing cryptocurrency on any of the registered and regulated crypto exchanges is very simple.

Step 1: Get one of the right crypto exchange applications and install it.
Step 2: Create an account by registering and providing basic personal and banking information.
Step 3: Complete KYC verification
Step 4: And that's it! You're ready to start trading cryptocurrencies. Your app will display all of the cryptocurrencies accessible for trading, as well as their prices. You are free to purchase based on your choice.

Are you hunting for the right crypto trading platform? Then there's Koinbazar, which is the most popular cryptocurrency trade platform.

Let me explain Koinbazar in further depth,

Koinbazar is India's most trusted cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchange platform, offering ultra-secure, professional, and comfy services, as well as the ability to easily purchase bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Let me explain why Koinbazar is the best choice,

Why Koinbazar?

In all trades, it offers the lowest trading charge with the highest profit.With minimal transaction fees and high comfort, you can buy and trade cryptocurrencies with ease.Increase your profit by taking advantage of additional rewards and referral programs.It is easily scalable and handles multiple real-time orders.Our support team is available to assist you to provide a pleasant trading experience.

Now is the time to learn how to buy cryptocurrencies using Indian rupees by utilizing Koinbazar,

Process to buy cryptocurrency with INR using instant INR deposit:

  • Go to or app and select the 'Login' option.
  • To access your Koinbazar account, Sign in or sign up for the account
  • The trading screen will appear after you log in.
  • select 'Account.'
  • If you are a new user click on the user dashboard screen, complete your profile, KYC verification, and bank details verification, then pick "Funds" and click "Deposit."
  • After clicking the 'Deposit' button, go to the Deposit section and select the 'Fiat' option.
  • Select the 'Instant deposit' option under the types of deposits section. The virtual account will be created after that.
  • You can transfer money from your bank account to the virtual account you've been given.
  • The funds will then be instantly deposited into your Koinbazar wallet.
  • You will receive an email after the funds have been put in your wallet.


Hope you got all the necessary information to buy cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in buying cryptocurrencies, then download the Koinbazar mobile app to start trading on India's largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. Trading on Koinbazar is simple and just takes a few minutes. For further more queries, connect with us via live chat.

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