What is DeFi Insurance? - A Simple Guide for Beginners

31 March 2021

Existing insurance companies are prone to data hack. Other shortcomings faced are crucial errors committed in the manual filing of documents and uploading documents. Hence, decentralized finance applications have integrated into insurance systems too to provide better security and efficiency via blockchain technology and smart contracts.

In a DeFi-based insurance system, when a user registers online, his details are instantly uploaded to the blockchain. Based on the conditions coded onto the smart contracts, the functions are executed. Since the whole system is automated, there’s no room for manual error.

Here are some more benefits served by DeFi based insurance platforms.


Decentralized finance’s core element is blockchain technology. It’s made safe by cryptography algorithms and private wallet keys. Security is an international concern but decentralization systems have effortlessly restored the safety of users’ funds and data.


The reduction of human resources does not affect the work. In their place, smart contracts, the automated pre-defined codes (or) agreement between organization and customers, execute the functions based on the pre-set conditions set. Hence, the accuracy is 100%, costs are highly reduced, and the conflicts are basically zero.


Since the system is decentralized and there are no middlemen or a centralized organization involved, it promotes more trust & confidence among users. Every transaction made is 100% public on-chain and pseudonymous. Also, with governance tokens, users get to command the total functionality of the system based on votes.

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