23 November 2020
Ever since the ban on crypto-trading in India was lifted, the Indian trading community has been actively looking forward to gaining the most out of it. On account of various reasons, Indian traders will be largely benefitted from cryptocurrencies. If you are from India, here are three reasons why you should capitalize on the early stages of the crypto market in India.
  • Cross-border remittances
  • Gold ban
  • Nascent market

i) Cross-border remittance:

Indian workers who work abroad usually transfer funds to their families in India. As they are charged with a hefty transaction fee, they prefer investing the same on crypto assets. When the crypto assets are sent to their Indian families, they receive the same amount of funds (sometimes higher) with the lowest possible trade fee.

ii) Gold ban:

If a ban on gold imports is imposed, we could witness a prominent surge in the value of other assets. The only feasible worldwide asset with high liquidity and stability are cryptocurrencies, which have already been increasing of late.

iii) Nascent market:

The Indian market is just in its beginning phase. Crypto scholars have predicted a major bullish run to be witnessed in India in the upcoming years, especially after the pandemic. Hence, this is all the more the right time to start investing in the future of finance - cryptocurrencies.
Hence, to make a fortune out of the early stages of crypto in India, start trading in the right exchange platform that guides you with clarity and better security. This is just the beginning. If capitalized at the appropriate time, you rule the future because your future would be settled.
Koinbazar is India’s safest cryptocurrency exchange platform. It aims to overcome all the concerns faced by traditional crypto traders and lay a safe and user-friendly platform for the upcoming new generation of users. Being a centralized exchange, Koinbazar assures the safety and security of its users' data and funds as the system is integrated with multiple security protocols.
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