Is Bitcoin (BTC) Still a Good Investment in 2021 - 2022?

30 August 2021
Bitcoin is the most popular and valuable digital currency in the world, appealing to a wide spectrum of investors in terms of market capitalization.
However, there are a variety of ways to get bitcoins these days. But, you should be aware of all the essentials before investing.
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What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is a new digital cryptocurrency that was founded in 2009 by an anonymous person known only by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that does away with the need for middlemen such as banks and governments, instead of relying on a peer-to-peer computer network to confirm purchases between users. All bitcoin transactions are recorded in a public ledger, and copies are kept on servers all over the world.

How Bitcoin works?

The blockchain is one of the most significant aspects of Bitcoin, as it tracks who owns what, similar to how a bank tracks assets. The Bitcoin blockchain differs from a bank's ledger in that it is decentralized, which means that anybody can see it and no single business has control over it.
Here are some specifics on how everything works:
  • To secure the integrity of transactions created on the network, Bitcoin employs public-key cryptography. Each participant has a pair of public and private keys that control the amount of bitcoin they own to transfer it.
  • A public key is a set of letters and numbers that must be shared for a user to receive cash. A private key, on the other hand, must be kept hidden because it allows the attached public key to spending any funds received.
  • A user can sign transactions and transfer the value of their bitcoin to a new owner by using the private key associated with their bitcoin. After that, the transaction is broadcast to the network and added to the blockchain.

Why is Bitcoin (BTC) so popular?

Its market is undeniably turbulent, and its value is always fluctuating. The key reason for bitcoin's increasing value is its widespread use around the world. Bitcoin is being used as a payment option by many businesses and individuals instead of traditional currencies.
A private key, on the other hand, must be kept hidden because it allows the attached public key to spending any funds received. Hence, it is clear that Bitcoin has more value than other currencies.
Let's move on to the specific reasons for its popularity,

Why should you choose Bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies?

1. Quick transactions

There are no intermediaries because Bitcoin is not reliant on a central authority or banks. When opposed to traditional currencies, there are no transaction fees because no intermediaries are involved. Banks typically demand large transaction fees from both the sender and receiver when moving funds internationally, and they take time to complete the transaction.

2. Inexpensive transactions

Transferring money using bitcoin is a lot easier because it only takes a few minutes to complete the transaction and there is only a little transaction charge. This has resulted in bitcoins being available worldwide, with very few restrictions or rules in place for conducting transactions.

3. Market with a lot of uncertainty

The bitcoin market is controlled by its users, not by the government or its community. As a result, the bitcoin market is extremely volatile, and it responds to supply and demand. You could lose all of your bitcoins in a volatile market, but with the appropriate knowledge of bitcoin investment and trading tactics, you could make huge rewards. Investors are more likely to invest in bitcoin at lower prices.

4. Fraud risk is reduced

The majority of investors are drawn to bitcoin because it is entirely digital, which traders and investors find appealing. Also, because it has no physical appearance and is not controlled by a central authority or financial institutions, there are no difficulties with fraud.

Where Can I Invest Bitcoin in India?

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What is Koinbazar?

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How do I buy Bitcoin in India from Koinbazar?

The following are the simple steps to buy Bitcoin with Indian Rupee (INR),
  • Create an account, build your profile, and complete the KYC process.
  • Deposit your fiat by connecting your bank account or external wallet.
  • Buy and sell crypto assets with a silky smooth trading experience.
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