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03 December 2020

Koinbazar is an India-based centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. Users of Koin Bazar are entitled to enjoy three major benefits - simplicity, security, and liquidity. The dream of its core developing team, comprising of blockchain entrepreneurs with more than ten years of industry experience, is to help Indian traders procure a reliable trading platform that converts their efforts into profit.

Koinbazar functions based on its primary motto of lending its support to novice traders with minimal concerns. Beginners in the crypto world suffer the major setback of complexity in trading and cyber vulnerabilities. Koin Bazar rules out both the complexities.

However, for users who don’t have the time to constantly analyze the crypto market and trade instantly based on the fluctuations in price, Koinbazar guides them to a different path where they can earn lifelong passive income in US dollars for free.

Welcome to Koinbazar’s Referral Program:

Koinbazar rewards its users with 50 free KBC coins for every successful referral, and a 50% commission on every trade made by the referred users’ can also be earned for free in either KBC (or) USDT.

Here’s how you can do it.


  • Register with Koinbazar.
  • If you have already registered, log in to your Koinbazar account.


  • Click on the ‘MENU’ icon beside your account profile picture.


  • Click ‘REFERRAL’.


  • Upon clicking ‘REFERRAL’, you can find your unique referral ID.
  • Click the ‘COPY’ icon to copy your unique referral ID.


  • Now, you can forward your unique referral ID to your friends through SMS, WhatsApp (or) any other social media platform.
  • When your friend registers with Koinbazar and completes KYC verification, you earn 50 KBC coins for free.
  • Also, for every trade your friend does, you earn 50% of his/her trading fee in the form of either KBC coins or USDT.

This is how you can earn both KBC coins and USDT forever with Koinbazar, for free, without trading cryptocurrencies.

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