Mega Saitama Referral Program - Invite & Earn 100K SAITAMA Tokens For Each Referral

12 January 2022

Howdy, Traders!

As you may have heard, our SAITAMA 100K Referral Program is now live.

"Our traders are at the top of our priority list." As keeping our traders in mind, we are offering a reward of 100K SAITAMA for the referrer.

Users who refer their friends, family members, or others to the Koinbazar App/Website will receive 100K SAITAMA tokens as a reward into their wallet for every successful referral.

Koinbazar “Mega SAITAMA Referral Program”-

We are happy to announce a SAITAMA referral program for our Koinbazar app/website which offers 1,00,000 SAITAMA tokens as rewards to users who participate in the referral program. To get the referral bonus, invite your friends to register on the website or download the Koinbazar trading app from Google Play Store/iOS App Store and sign up with a referral code shared by you.

How to participate in Koinbazar SAITAMA Referral Program?

If you want to participate in the SAITAMA Referral Program, you must follow the steps below.

1) Download the Koinbazar app from Google Play Store & App Store and complete the registration process and KYC. (OR)
2) Go to the website and complete the registration process and KYC.
3) Go to the Referral section under your profile dashboard.
4) Get your unique Referral ID or Referral link.
5) Share your Referral ID (Ex:- 39341183) with your friends or family members and ask them to download the Koinbazar app from the google play store and sign up with your referral ID in the referral code field.
6) Once they download the Koinbazar app and complete the registration process along with your referral ID, you will get 1,00,000 SAITAMA tokens instantly to your wallet.

Note:- A referred person must add their bank details and complete the KYC. If the user is NRI, they must complete KYC alone.

Make use of this exciting chance to earn 100K SAITAMA Tokens!

Our team is working hard on the next big thing that will excite our traders.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the near future, and be the first to know!!!

Risk Warning: Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. We request you to trade cautiously. Koinbazar will provide its best efforts to list quality cryptocurrencies, and we will not be responsible for your trading losses

Happy Trading!!!
Team Koinbazar.

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