What are the three movements of crypto market trends? - A simple guide for beginners!

26 February 2021

The three movements of market trends based on Dow’s theory on trading are as follows.

  • Primary Movement
  • Secondary Movement
  • Minor Movement

Primary Movement:

This kind of movement remains unaltered for over a year (or) even might prolong for years. They are uninfluenced by any of the changes in the market and this trend is in no way correlated with any other variation. It could be a primary uptrend/movement (or) a primary downtrend/movement. Long-term traders would be interested in primary movements as they are known for holding coins.

Secondary Movement:

After a lengthy period of primary movement, if the graph tends to move towards an opposite trend then it is said to be a secondary movement (or) secondary trend. It normally lasts from three weeks to three months.

Minor Movements:

The minor price movements that take place in a market are called minor movements. These minor movements happen all through the day and they are called market noise.

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