What is Coin Burn? A Simple Guide For Beginners!

08 October 2021

The concept of coin burning has recently become the talk of the crypto industry and is embraced by a wide spectrum of coins and tokens.

If you're new to this industry, you've probably heard of coin burn and found it amusing. Wondering why the coins must be burned?

So, here's an explanation of what it meant by coin burning and how it works,

What is Coin Burn All About?

As the name implies, Coin-burning is the process of permanently removing long-term existing cryptocurrency coins from circulation and rendering them worthless. This is a deliberate action taken by the coin's developers to burn or withdraw from circulation a specified amount of tokens from the total available tokens in the future.

Now that you've learned what coin burn means, it's time to learn how the Coin Burn mechanism works.

What is the process of coin burning?

The following are the steps in which the coin is burned:

  • The coin holder will initially call a burn function, claiming to have burned a specific quantity of coins.
  • The contract then checks to see if the person has the required number of coins in his wallet. It's also worth noting that only positive numbers function.
  • The function will not be executed if the person does not have a sufficient number of coins.
  • If they have a valid quantity of coins in their wallet, those coins will be deducted. Eventually, the entire supply will be updated, and the coins will be burned.
  • The coins will be destroyed forever if the coin burn function is successfully executed. It is also impossible to recover these coins once they have been burned.

Thinking why would somebody burn coins if they own them? Then, continue reading the post,

What causes coins to be burned?

There are several reasons why someone should burn coins:

Adherence Over Time:

The primary reason coins are burned is because they encourage long-term commitment and project duration. As a result, coin prices are more stable, as long-term investors do not want to sell or use their coins.

Anti-Spam Protection:

The Coin Burn process acts as a natural defense against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. As a result, spam transactions are prevented from cluttering the network.

Typically, coin burning incurs a cost when a transaction is carried out. A few projects have implemented a burning mechanism that automatically burns a small percentage of the cash sent.

For example Ripple (XRP), a cryptocurrency is a project that uses this burning mechanism.

The Value Of A New Coin Has Increased:

The newly created coins following coin burn usually have value solely due to coin burn. Interested parties invest in cryptocurrency whenever it is created by developers. Because of the demand, the bitcoins that investors now get have value. A similar value is also passed on to the developers.

Pay transaction fee:

Because it is used to pay transaction fees, the proof of burn mechanism is used. Ripple, for example, uses this technique. When a Ripple transaction is completed, a little portion of the transaction gets burned. The user pays for the transaction in this way, and the Ripple network gains greatly from the use of Ripple.


Hope now you have a better understanding of the concept of Coin burn. To know more information, just connect with our team.

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