03 November 2020
Koinbazar is an India-based centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. Users of koinbazar are entitled to enjoy three major benefits - simplicity, security, and liquidity. The dream of its core developing team, comprising of blockchain entrepreneurs with more than ten years of industry experience, is to help Indian traders procure a reliable trading platform that converts their efforts into profit.
Koinbazar trading platform is scheduled to be launched in the mid of September 2020. The all-new simplified exchange, mainly designed for Indian crypto-traders has numerous perks to enjoy and profit from. Some of the major highlights are listed below.

KYC Protocols:

  • Strict KYC authentication procedures are followed to permit credible traders in the koinbazar market.
  • The step-by-step system ensures original documents are uploaded from new users, and only after verification they are granted to access.

Crystal Clear Trading:

  • The simple and easy-to-trade platform interface empowers traders with a more compelling vision and the timely execution yields optimum profit.
  • The straightforward and elementary approach in the complex world of cryptocurrency is the major perk of koinbazar.

Direct INR payment:

  • The provision of Indian fiat currency makes the platform all the more liquid and maximizes the trading opportunities of Indian traders.
  • Indian traders are given the facility to link their wallet with their bank account and start trading directly with INR.

Security Standards:

With uncompromised security being the basic principle, koinbazar employs the following elite safety standards to guard traders’ data and funds.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Email encryption.
  • SSL encryption.
  • IP change verification.
  • Anti-phishing code.

Security Audits:

  • Frequent inspection by the management to check whether the security protocols align with the established standards.
  • The strict regularity ensures the system complies and upgrades along with the latest security levels.

Electric Auto-matching Engine:

  • Orders generate quick trades, even in traders’ absence, with advanced match-making algorithms and strong communication performance.
  • Swift trading with quick matching generates instant profit.
  • In a highly-liquid market that offers maximum trading opportunities, a powerful auto-matching engine can do wonders by expanding the profit of traders.


  • Koinbazar follows industry standards and protocols in helping its traders trade in a safe and friendly crypto-environment.
  • Also, koinbazar ensures the entire trading community is genuine, active, and authentic.
  • The licensing process is underway in Estonia.
  • Koinbazar has plans to acquire a trading license in Malta, Poland, and South Korea.

Referral & Rewards Program:

  • As an act of gratitude, koinbazar regards its traders and the social media community with regular gifts, free KBC tokens, and VIP privileges.
  • Traders can claim and boost their growth with koinbazar by participating in referral and rewards programs.
Start trading with koinbazar and enjoy the supreme experience of comfort, clarity, and happiness.
To know more, visit www.koinbazar.com.

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