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The Koinbazar brand portrays the rich crypto market of India. Conforming with the country’s tagline - ‘Unity in Diversity’ - Koinbazar also takes the extra mile in connecting crypto traders from all parts of the world. Thus, Koinbazar is the embodiment of harmony, integrity, and indivisibility.

Koinbazar Logo & Icon

Do not mix Koinbazar’s name (or) logo with any other organization name (or) logo. Online circulation of the modified Koinbazar logo is strictly prohibited.


Koinbazar’s logo is made up of teal, green, black, and white colors. The color codes are given below. It is requested to adhere to the same colors.

Logo Primary color




Font Color


Secondary Color


Usage of Brand Name

Do not abbreviate the brand name ‘Koinbazar’. In the word ‘Koinbazar’, only the letter ‘K’ is capitalized. The rest remains in lower-case.


Koinbazar is a single word.


Do not split ‘Koinbazar’ into two different words.

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